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Biography - Scott Jacobs

The Harley-Davidson or classic collectible car stands proud with the sun reflecting in its polished chrome. Every detail is perfection, right down to the reflections. Admirers are often surprised to discover that the image before them is not a photograph, but a Scott Jacobs painting. Three years after receiving a set of paints from his wife for Christmas, Scott became the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist in 1993 and still proudly holds that privilege. Added to that list are; Chevrolet, Ford, Mattel, Marilyn Monroe Estates and Elvis Presley Enterprises. Although Jacobs drew pen-and-ink illustrations for his school newspaper, Scott began his career in art not with his painting, but by buying a failing gallery at nineteen with money he saved from working odd jobs. At twenty-one, Scott had the cash and customer base to open Reflections On Canvas Gallery in Westfield, N.J., a gallery that met with much success. Scott’s images can be seen on many objects from limited editions graphics to Franklin Mint Collector Plates, coffee mugs, beach towels, clocks and many others. 2010 saw the release of his second book, The Art of Scott Jacobs – The Complete Works.